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Sand, Sand, Everywhere


440 words

This is just a little scrap of a piece thrown off to answer the prompt "Desert"


The constant sound of sand blown against the walls of the tent could be soothing or irritating, depending upon the state of mind of the one hearing it. To the peaceful mind, it quickly became a background noise, easily ignored when active, a lullaby bringing sleep when the desert night came with its cold and brittle stars. The fretful mind raged against the noise and was driven to near madness by the incessant hiss.

“I’ve decided I like the desert,” Paine murmured sleepily, curling up against her partner.

“Oh, why is that?” The tall man turned to face her and ran an affectionate finger down her cheek.

“You get sand in your joints and can’t get away from me.”

Nooj laughed, the laugh of a contented and satisfied man. “When do you think I try to get away from you? It’s usually the other way around. You’re faster than I am.”

She squinted up at him through her lashes. “Just thinking. Sooner or later you’re going to decide you want to be by yourself again and then you’ll run. But I can catch you because you’ll have sand in your knee joint.”

“Then I’d better have Gippal keep me well oiled. Thanks for the warning. You think I should pack some provisions just in case I want to take off suddenly?”

“Not you. You’ll plot and plan and lay all sorts of false trails and finally convince me it’s my idea.” She touched him in a delicate area.

He drew in his breath with a start. “You know me too well. Now, how can we avoid this coming desertion and my inevitable deception?”

“Well, I could try to bind you to me with chains of passion.”

“You could but I thought you were depending on the sand to hobble me.” He ran an appreciative hand down her flank.

Paine smiled against his neck where she had been raining kisses. “A girl needs more than one string to her bow if she’s going to hold her man.”

“Want to suggest ways for me to hold you?”

“You might try putting your hands here.” She demonstrated. “And here.”

“Aha! I never thought of that. You think that’ll work?” He caressed her in the designated places.

“Always has. It’s working now.” Her words came in short, panting bursts.

He bent over her. “How about this? Or this?”

“Better and better.” Paine clutched him and wrapped herself around the flesh and metal which made up his body.

“Then this...”

Outside the tent, a sandstorm had sprung up, lashing the canvas walls with its boisterous fury. Inside the tent, no one noticed.

Tags: fanfic, prompt #2: desert

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