March 24th, 2009

ffx2 - paine/nooj official art

Collaborative Fic Project: "The Pursuit of Happiness"

Title: The Pursuit of Happiness (or, Fifty Ways to Leave, Find, or Get Busy With Your Lover)
Fandom: FFX-2
Pairings: Paine/Nooj
Rating: varies, G to NC-17
Notes: This is a joint project by heyheyrenay and owlmoose in the style of 1sentence. However, instead of using any of the community theme sets, we each came up with 25 words and traded lists. Then we reassembled them, in randomized order, into the collection you see below. Fifty microfics (not all single sentences, although some of them are) on fifty themes, all about Paine and Nooj. This has been a long time in the making -- we first traded words back at the beginning of November! But we are finally finished, and we hope you enjoy.

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