Ikonopeiston (kunstarniki) wrote in painexnooj,

Eyebrow FFX-2 PG Paine/Nooj


This is a tiny vignette written just for this community. It may have some errors because I wrote it quickly and did not let it age. It is 223 words long.


The larger moon cast a silver-gilt glow over the two figures lying on the moss under the willows. Paine had propped herself up on one elbow and was gazing at her lover.

“What are you doing?” he sleepily asked.

“Memorizing your face.”


“Because it’s here.” She smiled at him. “The only thing I don’t like about your spectacles is that they cover your eyebrows.”

He opened one eye a fraction. “What’s so special about my eyebrows?”

“They’re winged.”

“Winged?” Nooj was fully awake now.

“Yes, that’s what it’s called when the brow doesn’t turn down on the outer end.” She traced the shape of the bone above his eye. “Yours sort of angle up toward your hairline. That’s what they call ‘winged’. Not many people have brows like that.”

He chuckled softly, deeply in his throat. “I’m glad they please you, my lady.” He drew her closer and smiled.

She put her finger against his lips. “That’s another thing. I like the little space between your front teeth.”

He raised the eyebrow she had just been stroking. “You do! I always thought it looked wrong.”

“Nope. It’s the sign of an amorous nature.”

“Amorous, huh?”

“That’s what they say.”

“Want to see if they’re right?” He rolled her nipple between his fingers and she responded in kind.

The moon beamed.

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