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Questions for Revered Moderator

I am delighted to see this community founded. For too long my OTP has received short shrift in fandom. In other words, we don't get no respect. At last, a place to call home. ;)

Three questions have occurred to me:

1. Is this community hospitable to AU or is it rigorously canonical?

2. Do you prefer that fanfic offered to the community be posted in full on this site or would it be better to only provide an active link to another posting of the 'fic in a different place?

3. What, exactly, is the relationship of this community to FFPress? I note that FFPress is watching this community, but are the stories, artwork, etc posted here automatically picked up by FFPress and listed on their site?

I am glad to see that you are permitting stories about the individual members of this pair. How do you intend to handle multi-chaptered fanfic? And have you considered compiling a FAQ sheet to guide simpletons like me?

Edited because I ignored your request to put longer entries behind LJ-cuts.

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